MDJ-23 Double Jacket Machine

Machine profile2150*700*1900mm
Max occupation2200*700 mm
Net weight350 KG
Power supply2.2 KW
Drive motor2*1.1 KW
Voltage380 V
Work modeSemi-automatic
Bending capabilityYes
Ring Size10"-3500 mm
Max Thickness4 mm
Line Speed0-200 mm/s
Material suitedSS & Alloy
Min Size can bend  for 25mm width900 mm
Min Size can bend  for 20mm width800 mm
Min Size can bend  for 16mm width600 mm
Min Size can bend  for 13mm width200 mm
Min Size can bend  for 10mm width150 mm

MDJ-23 machine main features:

1. Double Jacket Machine is specially designed for making double jacket gasket, it can make the straight double jacket bar and bend to ring in one process.

2. Significantly improve the productivity and material utilization compare with the old machine.

3. With this machine hand, you can make all customized size of double jacket gasket, and all types of gasket.

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