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Difference between beveling machine, chamfering machine and edge milling machine

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Generally speaking, the biggest difference between beveling machine and chamfering machine is that the cutting angle of beveling machine is generally greater than 5mm, while chamfering machine is less than 5mm. The groove made by beveling machine is basically used for welding, while only a small part of the groove made by chamfering machine is used for welding, and the rest is process requirements and deburring, which looks smoother. Milling machine uses the working principle of milling, which is higher than the surface finish of groove made by beveling machine. Now let's talk about the characteristics of the three, which will be easier to distinguish.

Milling edge milling machine:

1. Milling type automatic moving plate beveling machine, with complete types, can be used to process stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, high strength, high hardness and high heat resistance workpiece materials, with groove finish as high as ra3.2, material thickness of 5-60mm, and groove surface direct welding;

2. Equipped with hydraulic cylinder lifting function, it is convenient to adjust the height of clamping steel plate;

3. The processing speed can reach 1.5m/min, the slope width can reach 12-20mm at one time, and the processing speed can reach 52-70mm by stages; the groove angle can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 ° to 70 °;

4. One of the milling beveling machines is double-sided beveling machine (double-sided milling machine), which can automatically process double-sided beveling without turning plate.

5. Milling beveling machine is suitable for beveling equipment with high precision, large beveling surface and large angle adjustment range.

6. Groove type: kvxy groove.

Rolling shear beveling machine:

1. The rolling shear beveling machine solves the disadvantages of high cost and uneven beveling, such as flame cutting and polishing machine wear. The processed beveling surface can be directly welded, and can be used to process stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other high hardness materials. The thickness range of processing materials is 5-45mm, and the processing size is more than 75mm * 200mm.

2. Automatic retraction function can effectively solve the instability caused by uneven board surface and uneven ground.

3. The processing speed can reach 2.6m/min, the slope width can reach 12mm at a time, and the processing can reach 30mm by stages; the groove angle can be adjusted arbitrarily from 25 ° to 45 ℃.

4. Automatic rolling shear beveling machine, body with turnover function, processing x groove more convenient.

5. The surface finish is not very high, which can meet the requirements for processing stainless steel and carbon steel.

6. Groove type: V x y groove.

Chamfering machine:

1. The chamfering machine can complete chamfering and shaving at one time for the inner and outer corners of the end face of round pipe and round bar, which is fast and accurate.

2. In order to ensure the accuracy of the center line between the machining object and the cutter head, the clamping die and the cutter head are precisely designed to finish the machining object evenly at one time.

3. The cutter head is specially designed, the blade is standardized, and the adjustment of the cutter is simple and fast.

4. Manual feeding, automatic holding, automatic advance and retreat, fast speed, increase output.

5. The semi-automatic machine has two stages of speed: the first stage is fast to save working time, and the second stage can adjust the cutting chamfering speed to complete the smooth finished surface.

6. When the chamfering machine changes workpieces of different sizes, it only needs to do simple cutter head and replace clamping die adjustment.

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