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Matters needing attention in daily maintenance of single head hydraulic chamfering machine

Suzhou Industrial Park Maite Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of gasket related equipment for 10 years, and now has a full range of metal gasket production equipment, including metal wound gasket, corrugated gasket and other related machinery and equipment.

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In the current market, the price of buying a hydraulic chamfering machine is also very expensive. If you want the machine to create more economic value for the enterprise, you should try to extend the service life of the machine and pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. So how to maintain the chamfering machine?

The maintenance of single head hydraulic chamfering machine should pay attention to the following points: first, the hydraulic station must have enough oil in order to have enough hydraulic power to drive, so that the chamfering machine works more smoothly and ensure the quality of processed products. Second, change the oil of the hydraulic station every six months. Large exchange can make the hydraulic station have better performance. Third, in order to ensure the safety of the machine tool, there should be a reliable grounding wire to avoid short circuit and burning of the equipment. Fourth, hydraulic oil must use standard model. Fifthly, carefully check whether the pressure of the hydraulic station is good before each work.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the operation of another important part of the motor, and pay attention to the daily cleaning of the machine.

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