MLM-0420A Laser Marking Machine

Power≤20 W
Wave length1064nm
Laser Beam M2<1.8 mm
Frequency Q20kHz-200kHz
Mark scope110x110mm
Optional scope150x150mm
Mark depth≤0.3mm
Overall power800W
Min line width0.01mm
Power supplySingle phase 220V 50Hz 10A
Marking speed800mm/s(Single line 1mm hight)
Material suitableAll kinds of material

MLM-0420A Laser Marking Machine Features:

1. This machine is for marking on flat surface;

2. Equipped with fiber laser source with 100,000 working hours; 

3. Compact size, suitable for online marking, or fit into your process;

4. Widely used for hardware, gaskets and seals, PCB, electronic parts, chips, auto parts,

steel strips, bearings, lead frame and plastics marking, etc;

5. Pulse width: 50-200ns;

6. Anti- reflection light, single mode output, fine facular;

7. Marking 5mm letters on carbon steel takes 0.3-0.5s/letter, while marking on stainless steel takes around 0.5-0.8s/letter.

8. Computer controlled software, can edit digit, letters and vector diagram.  

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