MCT-0530 Compression test

Machine ProfilePress 1050*640*1630mm
Machine ProfilePower Pack 990*640*1020mm
Machine ProfileControl Cabinet 1560*665*1760mm
Weight(KG)Press 1550
Weight(KG)Power Pack 260
Weight(KG)Control Cabinet 185
Compression rateYes
Resilient rateYes
Leakage rateYes
Leakage rate Accuracy0.30%
Motor Power7.5 KW
Size range1/2"-4"
Thickness2 – 5 mm
Gasket typeWide Verieties
Loading speed5 – 45 mm/s
Pressure0-60000 LBS
Gas pressureN2 15MPa

MCT-0530 Main Features:

1.Test out varieties of gasket’s compression rate, recovery rate as well as residual deformation under ambient temperature.

2.Test out varieties of gasket’s leakage rate under ambient temperature.

3.Test process is fully automatic, will generate and save the test report and experiential curve and chart.

4.Power pack, use hydraulic power pack as drive force, which can provides maximum 60,000 LBS pressure.

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