MRF-24 Ring Flatten Machine

Net weight330KG
Driven motor1.5KW
Hydraulic pump3.5KW
Work mode Semi-auto
Size scale200– 3000mm
Thickness2 – 5 mm
Flange width5 - 60 mm
Line speed0-200 mm/s
Material suitedCS/SS

MRF-24 Ring flatten machine main features:

1.MRF-24 Machine is specially designed for flattenning the inner ring or guide ring, especially for those bended and welded rings, normally those rings will be more or less deformed after bending and welding, and contain internal stress, this machine can help flattenning the ring’s deformation and release the internal stress;

2.Use hydraulic power pack as press force, make flatten process semi-automatic, the operator only need to load the ring and press “start” button.

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