MRB-08A Automatic Ring Bending Machine

Machine Profile1900*1100*1420mm
Power Supply380V 50HZ
Drive Motor3.7 KW
Main Shaft RPM36 RPM
Linary Speed0-200 mm/s
PLC ControlledYes
Bending Wheel Diameter120 mm
Work Range200-3500 mm
Thickness3-5 mm
Width Range5-30 mm
Cycle Time5 S/Piece(8")
Accuracy±0.3 mm
Volume countyes

MRB-08A main features:

1.It is designed to bend all sizes of guide rings and inner rings from 200mm up to 3.5 meters’ diameter, with this machine, you can make ring much more efficient and very much cost effective because the material utilization will be much higher;

2.Major processes include straighten, bending and cutting off. This machine can accomplish all those processes.

3.PLC programmed process control, make very precise diameter, and very easy to operate.

4.Hydraulic power pack automatically cut off the bended rings.

5.Interface allow people to set up parameters, display necessary production information, such as ring size, line speed, production volume and so on.

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