MK-03S Small Kammprofile Machine

Weight560 KG
Power4.5 KW
Voltage380V Adjustable
Process controlNumberical control system
Servo motorYes
Work range1/2"-16"
Material suitedCS SS, Alloy
Thickness scale3-5mm
Max Flange width60mm
Work height930mm +/-50mm
Kammprofile typeAll types of Kammprofile
One side CT3-5 minutes
Setup time2-5 minutes (500mm)
Load & UnloadManual
ProcessSide by side
Linar speed80 - 120 m/minute
CoolingVortec air cooler
Air comsuption0.8 L/m

MK-03S Small Kammprofile Machine Main Features:

1.MK-03S is special designed machine for making small sizes of kammprofile gasket,work range from ½ inch to 18 inch;

2.With Numeric control system make process fully automatic except ring loading and unloading;

3.It can make all types of kammprofile machine, work with our MK-03 Kammprofile machine provide customers full sizes range kammprofile gasket producing capability.

4.Use vortex air cooling to cool down cut insert.

5.Work mode is basically like a CNC lathe, with pneumatic jaw, the operator can load and unload ring quickly.

6.Deployed horizontal press device, which is very useful when you process 200mm-450mm diameter rings, horizontal press device can eliminate the ring’s deformation, therefore ensure the kammprofile quality.

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