MK-03 Kammprofile Machine

Machine Profile4500*4200*1200mm
Weight660 KG
Power supply4.5 KW
Voltage3 phase 380V,variable
Process controlNumberical control system like CNC
Servo motorServo motor control cutting
Size range450mm - 3500mm
Material allowedStainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy
Flange width maximum60mm
ProfileWide variety of profiles
Cycle time5 minutes for size 24'
Setup or size change time5-10 minutes
Ring load & UnloadManually
Grooving processOne by one
Groove and ChemferringYes
Turning speed80-120 m/minute,adjustable
Driving modeTwo driving wheels
Cooling modeVortex Cooler
Air Consumption0.8 L/minute

MK-03 Kamprofile Machine main Features:

1.Make large sizes of kamprofile gasket, from 400mm up to 3500mm;

2.Very high productivity, use 24” 20mm flange width kammprofile as example, cycle time is less than 8 minutes.

3.CNC controlled process, servo motor driven cutter, fully automatic cut, make very precise and quality kamprofile;

4.Compressed air cool down the cutter, and blow away the scrap;

5.By changing the cutter, machine can also performing as a grooving or chamfering machine.

6.Use G code make program, and program can be saved in the memory of machine, so the operator can quick set by selecting a program code.

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