MGB-12S Small Groove & Chamfer Machine

Net weight210KG
Motor power2.5KW
Work modeSemi-automatic
Ring load & unloadManually
Inner ring range1/2"-6"
Guide ring range1/2"-6"
Thickness2 – 5 mm
Flange width5 - 50 mm
Cut linar speed500 mm/s
Cycle time10 S (150mm)
Material suitedCS/SS

MGB-12S machine main features:

1. Double function machine, it can do both guide ring grooving and inner ring chamfering, both grooving and chamfering can be done in one signal process. See below pics show 2 types of cut holder, one is chamfer blade, one is groove blade.

2. PLC programmed process control, all need to do are loading and unloading ring, very productive machine, need no skills for operator.

3. Use standard cut insert, so as consuming parts it is very easy available at customers’ local market.

4. Need fixtures for each size of rings, grooving and chamfering fixtures are different, inner ring is held from inside, while the guide ring is clamped from outside. Details please see the below Pic 2 and Pic 3.

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