MV-01B Fully Automatic Winding Machine

Machine profile


Power supply3 phase 380 V
Drive motor750 W Servo motor
Working modeAutomatic
Work rangeASME standard 1/2"to 6"  
Standard suitableSuitable for all standards
Gasket type can makeBasic type and inner ring type
StandardsAll standards
Cycle time20 seconds for 3" gasket
Change over timeFrom 5 to 10 minutes
Fully automatic process control Both type
Inner ring loading & unloadingAutomatic
Inner ring loading capacity560 pieces
Gasket ejectionYes
Parameter setting storageSave 500 sets
Filler break sensorYes
Steel formerYes
Strip feeding and cut offAutomatic
Filler feeding and cut offAutomatic
Filler load capacity40 pancakes
Filler pancake shiftAutomatic
Strip protectionOptional
Flange width measuringYes

Filler control by wraps


Steel strip spool support

Yes, one charge 15 kg

MV-01B Fully automatic winding machine main features:

1.Deployed with automatic inner ring feeding system, this type of machine can make both basic type and inner type of gasket fully automatically. 

2.Use PLC programmed process control, and servo motor as driver, precisely control the whole winding process.

3.Build in strip former, use flat strip on bobbin with motor driven uncoil.

4.Build with a welding robot, make all welding points reliable and even

5.Deployed an automatic flange width measuring device, make gasket OD very accurate, and you can choose having a strip tail or welding to the end, e.g without tail of strip. 

6.With large memory storage, can save over 500 sets of parameter settings for different sizes and press classes. Each type of gaskets will be given a product code, whenever you want to make it, you only need to change the product code, then all parameter settings for this type will be ready to produce, save time from repeative parameter setting.

7.Build with steel strip automatic feeding and automatic cutting off.

8.Build with graphite tape automatic feeding and automatic cutting off.

9.Build in graphite detector, the machine will automatically stop in any cases such as graphite break or run out.

10.The most controlling electronic components such as PLC, relay are all high quality international brands. This gaurantee the machine’s relieability and productivity.

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